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Had another appointment with the ladybits doc this morning. They did another ZOMFG test, since the last one didn't get enough of a sample. Even doped up on vicodin, it still hurt like hell, but this doc was quicker than the last one, so it was thankfully over fast.

Much better than that, however, is that we now have a plan! Cut for gory details )

They're about 3-4 weeks out on their surgery schedule, so it'll be a bit before this can get done. In the meantime, the industrial-strength hormones do seem to be working, so they're going to keep me on that until about a week before the surgery. Then I do an ultrasound so they can decide what kind of procedure to do. Recovery time should be fairly short, so barring any complications, I should be well healed by the time our trip comes around. Hot damn!

Oh, also, she said the rest of my abdominal ultrasound came out fine. So basically, there are just two problems I've had in the last ~week--the kidney infection and this--and both are getting dealt with. In a few weeks, I should feel better than I have in ages.
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The clinic finally mailed me the results from last Thursday's test. I DID have an infection, TYVFM.

So glad the ladybits doc is 1,000% better than that asshat was. If I had to face that kind of sneering condescension from someone wishing to poke around on my hoochie, I'd probably have committed a felony by now.

Speaking of said ladybits doc: They scheduled another appointment for me for tomorrow to talk to me about the results of all of yesterday's tests. I suspect that visit will also involve a repeat of the ZOMFG test, though. I will, however, be hopped up on vicodin this time. Yay for M being back home and driving me there.

Had a rather nasty day back at work. Have had two doses of the industrial-strength hormones, but they haven't kicked in, yet. So, I'm still wracked with pain and queasiness, and have a bonus headache, too. Finally started feeling a teensy bit better late this afternoon, but I'm still about to go pass out for a while.

I'll eventually post about something other than my fucked-up health. Promise.
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So, I worked last night (awards show thang), and barely survived it. The ladybits stuff that started Friday has been getting progressively worse and more ouchie, and as of this morning, I was actually crying with the pain. Which pretty much never happens, because I consider myself far too butch for that shit. I reserve my crying for maudlin self-pity and emotionally manipulative scenes in movies, dammit.

Cut for the squeamish )

Will find out more about what the hell is going on sometime tomorrow, I expect. Hoping they don't want to do another biopsy on me because AFJKLAGKJASFHGIOHGOD!!!!!!!!!!!! But, w'ev. At this point, I just want this to stop, and whatever they want to do to me to make that happen, I'm in favor of. As long as I also can have drugs.

In the meantime, the doc also gave me a scrip for industrial-strength progesterone (they usually give this stuff to cancer patients--that's how awesome it is.) Hoping it works, because I'm fucking tired of the pain and the interruption to my life and work schedule, and I DO NOT want this stupid shit getting in the way of my vacation next month.
Apr. 4th, 2011 07:29 am

Pain sucks

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And what sucks more is feeling like I can't do anything about it because no one's going to take me seriously.

As I mentioned, in addition to the other midsection weirdness (which still isn't wholly resolved), I've been dealing with icky ladybits stuff lately. I have an appointment with the new gyn (or, technically, one of their np staff) on Friday, but I'm not sure I can wait that long. Gory details ) I'm in rather horrid pain. I broke down and have been taking some Advil here and there (even though I'm probably ruining my kidneys in the process), but it's only making a tiny dent.

So, I'm at a loss right now. I don't have a refill on the meds, so I can't just call those in and start taking them again. Not that they'd work anyway. And I'm in so much misery right now I can't really work. I had to go in last night for an event, and I barely made it through. I'm getting away with taking today off because of last night's thing, but I don't know what to do about the rest of the week. I could try to get my appointment moved up, but I'm afraid they'd laugh at me for asking. Even if I did get in, whatever they could do for me would take a couple of days to work, and I can't easily tell my boss why I need more time off. He's already been sounding less and less tolerant of the time I've taken off already (oh, and did I mention I don't get sick pay? Yeah. I lose money every time I'm out.)

Complicating matters is the fact that M's currently on a plane on his way to San Jose for a work thing. He'll be back later tonight, but in the meantime, I'm on my own. (And let me just mention how depressing it is to realize I actually only have two local people I could call in a crisis. There are more people than that who care about me, of course, but they're either not local, or not in a position to be able to help.)

Something I've decided, though... I've had enough of this. I'm not going to get pregnant, so I have no reason to not just take a garden trowl to things. Pending the outcome of the appointment, of course, I'm going to see what they can do about making things stop permanently. I'm really tired of being a slave to my uterus. I need to get my life back.
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Supposedly the urgent care clinic is open today--in an hour.

It better be.

This is the third time in the last six months. WTF, body?

Hoping the OTC pills kick in soon so I can wait that long. Also hoping the place isn't flooded with stupid kids who tried to blow their fingers off with explosives so I can get in and out quickly.
Dec. 19th, 2009 10:15 am


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So, I apparently managed to seriously injure my shoulder sometime Thursday, but I couldn't remember what I had done to make it happen, since it didn't really start getting stiff and sore until later that evening.

I originally thought maybe it was a shopping-related injury (holding an armful of stuff while I waited in a very long checkout line) or that maybe I'd just done something to it with too much mousing from the nonstop work thing this week. Just muscle strain or something.

But now that it hasn't gotten any better, I think those things just aggravated it, and what I really did? Was screwed up a ligament or tendon or something Thursday morning while trying to put my bra on. I have a vague recollection of the hook side of the strap slipping out of my hand, and twisting to keep a grip on it and keep it from snapping out and thwacking me. Ugh. Of all the ridiculous ways to injure oneself.

And the real bitch of it is that I can't take anything for the pain, since I'm trying to kick my Advil habit in case that's what's causing my (I assume) kidney problem. Heat and rest aren't really helping (which would make sense with a tendon injury instead of just a pulled muscle) So I'm stuck trying to not move my right shoulder at all in hopes that the inflammation or whatever will eventually go away. Which... Isn't exactly easy. M had to actually help me get dressed this morning (though no bra--I figure anyone who sees me on the weekends can cope with my uncorralled boobs.)

It's sort of gotten worse over the last 24 hours, and if it doesn't start healing, I may go get it poked at. Maybe see if they'll give me a steroid shot or something. Grrr. I have plans for this weekend, dammit!


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