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M has some sort of miserable creeping crud, so he's staying home today and currently passed out on the couch.

Our lack of meds for these sorts of afflictions necessitated an early morning trip to Tarzhay for yours truly (despite not feeling 100% myself.) Discovered that location didn't have a pharmacy, so I need to figure out a solution for my currently empty bottle of brain meds.

Spent the rest of the morning puttering around the downstairs of the villa. It had been a few days since I'd spent any real time here--being at the house so much--so it was starting to get kind of scary. Still needs work, but the kitchen is tidier and the fridge is now full of fresh food.

Still have piles of laundry to do, and much floor cleaning necessary.

Not entirely sure what I'll be up to at the house tomorrow. Probably working on the garage. Still can't decide whether we should try to sell anything or just dump it all on a charity.

Feeling strangely pessimistic today about how much money we're going to manage to pull together for a down payment. If necessary, we can wait things out here at the villa for a while until we find the exact right place in our price range, but I'm finding myself very nervous about how much the house is going to be able to sell for, and how quickly it might sell. I can guess, based on comps and how the market's performing and such, but really, it's very much up in the air.

I'm also realizing that I may be stuck for at least a month or two with nothing much to do after we list the house. Normally, I'd take at least some of that time to do some traveling, but with needing to be available in case we get an offer, that's kind of out. Plus there's the whole let's not spend money thing. Maybe I'll work on my novel or something.

Hm. I haven't really eaten anything yet today. I should try to do something about that.


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