Sep. 8th, 2007 11:36 pm

Nice day

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My original plan for this weekend was for us to go out of town to celebrate M's birthday, but for financial and logistical reasons, that didn't happen. So instead I kidnapped him and took him to the zoo, since neither of us have been there in quite some time. We got a little too tired to do the whole shebang, but I did get to see most of the primates and the adorable river otters. I've also decided I want a Golden Lion Tamarin as a pet. Not really, of course, but damn, they're cute.

We then drove around Green Lake and Greenwood for a bit and then had lunch at the new Panera (it's big!) at Northgate. We don't actually go south of Lynnwood very often these days, so it was nice to get some city germs on us again.

I'm so sore, though. Three hours of walking is far more than I usually do, so I kind of wore myself out. I'll probably be whining like crazy tomorrow. Ah, well. 'Twas worth it.

Yesterday we had some workers come by to finish up the last bits of stuff we needed for the flooring project. We finally have furniture back in the guest room and dining room again! We still need to finish some of the arranging and such. I'll probably work on all that next week, in addition to my interminable and increasingly depressing job hunt.

More of what I've been up to lately over on [ profile] fanbitch and a personal filter post coming up sometime tomorrow (yes, I know you're all dying to read it. ;) )


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