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It's past my bedtime, and after spending most of the last 5 days busy as hell with adoption and chorus stuff, I'm exhausted and should go sleep. Need to blather just a little, though:

Why is it that I feel so overwhelmed being surrounded by a lot of people, and yet when I'm alone, I spend an awful lot of time living vicariously through the social lives of others?

Lonely in a crowd )

So, yeah. Not anti-social. Just easily overwhelmed. Really, I think I've always sought out genuine connections with other human beings, but before I figured this out, I was, as they say, looking for it in all the wrong places. People don't go to clubs or cons or whatever to have three-hour conversations about philosophy, French politics and cat behavior. So I'm not going to find that there. And given how much bandwidth they take, why would I even try? I'm not being rude or stuck up or think I'm better than other people when I avoid big parties or dances or, well, endless rehearsals. They just take so damned much energy, and fry my brain so much that I can't do those things without having a lot of downtime in between them.

The happiest moments in my life are when I'm chatting and cuddling with the people I love. And I'm not going to find that stuff in a sea of random people.
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Am already failing in my promise to myself to not read comments, because the ones on this article about strange men approaching women? Made me want to scream. So, SO angry at the sense of entitlement from the guys there. (Side note: Was also grousing about entitlement in fandom over on Tumblr today.) Amazing how so many of them seemed to think they have some sort of inherent right to attempt social contact with everyone they see. Just. No. Merely being in meatspace is not a 10-foot-high neon sign that says "HAI, PLEAZE MAKE FRIENZ WITH ME" and no-one--not a single person--is obligated to be overtly social with others just to go about their daily business.

I think what bugged me the most from those guys was the insistence that if they weren't allowed to approach strangers, they'd never get a date. Which just ... OK, unclear on the concept doesn't even begin to cover it. It's kind of telling that these guys are clearly so socially stunted that they can't seem to find a date via other activities, and have to resort to desperately chatting up complete strangers. If you can't even hook up with someone you meet at church or a bowling league or a book club? You have far deeper problems than chicks on the street telling you to fuck off.

Now, of course there are many folks who are interested in hooking up with strangers for mostly-physical encounters. But virtually all of them go to places/do things that are conducive to that sort of activity. The vast, VAST majority of women, and even most men, who are just going about their business in meatspace aren't actually interested in hooking up with people they know nothing about, and--this is key--who know nothing about them. And this goes for friendships, too.

If a total stranger approaches me in meatspace, I assume they're either going to harrass me or try to scam me or sell me something. Why wouldn't I assume they're just friendly and want to get to know me better? Because they know jack shit about me based solely on what they can see of my physical self. I dunno about y'all, but I'd prefer to socialize with people who know at least a little more about me than the shape of my body, the color of my hair and what I happen to be wearing on a given day.

Contrary to the argument put forth by the jackass commenters over there, NO, this does not preclude socialization at all. Hardly. Every single friend I have I met through a common interest or activity of some sort. Fandom. Chorus. Gaming. Politics. Classes. Friend-of-a-friend. Hell, I met M on a BBS. I'm perfectly happy to chitchat with "strangers" in those situations because we already have a non-physical basis of interaction. If someone approaches me online, chances are they've read something I've written, participated in a discussion with me, know we share an interest in something. Likewise, if a fellow chorister or even someone at Pride or something talks to me, there's already something more there for us than just two bodies. THAT is what starts meaningful social relationships. Not someone babbling away at some poor, half-awake person in line at Starbucks.

I, like virtually every other woman on the planet, have been objectified my whole life. I have been told that my body is the most important thing about me--often the only thing about me that matters. I've been told that my relative attractiveness is cause alone to either adore me or hate me. And y'know what? I'm really not interested in giving any of my valuable time and energy to people who think that way. My body is part of me, not the sum total. And if you're someone whom I'd actually like, you're going to be someone who understands that, and who would therefore want to get to know me better than a chance meatspace encounter could possibly allow for.

Yes, of course I'm flattered when people are physically attracted to me--it's rare enough these days--but I'm really not interested in hooking up with someone who becomes interested in me only because of how I look. Physical attraction should be part of the whole package, not the entirety of it. If I just want to get off, there's a guy upstairs who's usually happy to help out, and a couple of electronic devices if he's not. I don't need that from some nameless person on the street who just wants to stuff their face in my tits.

Now, it could well be that not everyone who would approach me in generic meatspace is a shallow idiot, and I might miss out on a potential friend. But y'know? If it means I'll avoid being harrassed by the other 90% of the people who'd approach me thus, that's a risk I'm willing to take. I'm a very social person, and I'm always open to making new friends, and even open to the possibility of more than that. But only if they're going to be genuinely interested in me. And a person who thinks physical presence alone is enough of a commonality to approach me? Ain't that.

ETA: I think I can boil this whole thing down to this: No-one is entitled to other people. You don't get to demand attention, love or sex from anyone who isn't willing to give it voluntarily. And only when one is in a specifically social space should one assume that other people there will be open to social advances from strangers. You're at a singles/cruising bar? Sure, you can ask if you can buy someone a drink. You're at the grocery store? Not so much. You are entitled to pleasure in your life, sure. What you're not entitled to do is to take that pleasure from anyone you choose, regardless of whether they've made it clear they're up for that.
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So, if you've not kept up with my tl;dr rant and babble lately (and I wouldn't blame you), here's a condensed version of what's been going on in my life the last couple of months!

The biggest thing, of course, is that we've got at least a rough plan for getting the adoption going. We've been sorting through agencies, and have found at least one that may be right for us. We have our first intro seminar dealio with them next Tuesday. Assuming that goes well (and it may or may not) we'll get going on the home study stuff soon after. That process will take a couple months, but we'll probably be on the waitlist sometime in January. Then? No clue how long it might take. Could be a long wait, though, since we're going to be pickier than some, and have a few not-so-attractive things as potential adoptive parents. Still more-than-slightly terrified, especially about getting cleared medically, but I'm crossing my fingers.

The other big thing is that I'm singing again! I bit the bullet and joined up with SWC. Only a few rehearsals so far, but god, it feels good to be back. It's been ~4 years since I did any serious singing, and getting back into it is making me wonder why I ever stopped. (Well, I know why--time, burnout, scheduling fail, etc. Still.) I've been needing to feed my soul, and music is its preferred meal, so. Yeah. :) First concert's in February. We'll see what I do after that--will prolly depend on adoption stuff.

Also still writing like a demon, though it's been ages since I did any fanfic. (Kind of fading interest a bit on the primary fandom. More on that in a bit.) Since I'm not working again yet, I decided to take advantage of the downtime and do NaNoWriMo this year. If you're over there, you can find me with this handle. I seem to be going well on my project so far--have topped 9,000 words in just four days, which is well ahead of their suggested pace. Helps that I put together a decent chapter outline for it in the middle of this, too.

Haven't done more agent shopping for the other novel, but I think I want to give it another edit and maybe a bit of expansion before I do. Have been letting it sit for a few months now, and fresh eyes wouldn't be a bad thing before I go dropping it on someone else.

Khaleesi seems to be settling in fairly well. She's still shy of Otter, because he's an asshole and he's almost twice her size, but she gives him (well-earned) smacks on the nose pretty regularly. She's also basically a perfect cat. She's friendly, sweet, has perfect litterbox habits, etc. About her only flaw is that she scratches a lot. But she also responds well when she's scolded for it. Still considering whether we add another kitty--perhaps one more young one to take Otter's focus, so poor Penny doesn't get any harassment at all--but that may be a while yet.

Have been diversifying my fandom interests, now that Primeval is on ice for at least the near future. A little burned out on it, to be honest. Still think the cast is adorable (though there's some behind-the-scenes stuff that has me a bit uncomfortable) and still keeping up with our fan groups, but I'm just spending more time on other stuff. Particularly, I've been dipping my toes into Game of Thrones/ASoIaF. Just finished the most recent book in the series, so I can finally go hunting fandom for it without risk of spoilers. Sadly, a lot of the fandom I've found so far seems heavily oriented toward dimwit fangirls. Which is kind of creepy, considering they're way too immature for this subject matter. Ah, well.

Elsewise, I'm watching Sanctuary, Fringe, Downton Abbey, Criminal Minds and a few other things here and there. Looking forward to more Leverage coming soon, too.

My mandatory contract break is up, now, and my agency has pinged me about new possible assignments. I'm not sure I want to work again right away, though. We could use the extra money, but it's not critical, and I figure someone else needs that job more than we do right now. I may want to work again while we're in the adoption queue, but for now, I'd rather spend that time writing, catching up on sleep and watching the birdies in my back yard (of which there have been TONS this year.) I may change my mind if there's a really awesome assignment up, though.

Also, I want to spend more time socializing. We had a way fun Halloween party, and I'm dying to do more of that. Not that I don't love my long-distance/online friends, but meatspace socializing really boosts me, and I need more of it than I get right now.

Bed, however, is my main goal at the mo. Especially because Khaleesi just dropped an atom bomb in the litter box. Ugh. Night.
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At the risk of irritating some ...

I admit that one of the reasons I love living in the PNW (the Western half, at least) is that we tend to be socially standoffish. We're exceptionally polite and compassionate, but not overtly friendly. It takes quite a long time to get a native (or near-native, like m'self) to warm up enough to socialize with regularly, and get close to. But the benefit of that is that once you do make it past the polite smiles and handshakes, the friendship you do get out of it is deeper and far more sincere than you might find elsewhere.

See, people are always talking about how legendarily friendly people are in the South and Midwest. They talk about how folks will bring casseroles to a new neighbor, chitchat in line at the grocery store, etc. People coming here from those environs tend to describe our local social customs as cold, at best, and perhaps even rude. (Our habit, for instance, of not RSVPing to social events until the last possible moment.)

But the difference is that the friendliness one tends to find in those other places only goes so far, because it's a custom borne of the safety of sameness.

Diversity counts )

So, yes, it's easier to feel isolated living here than it might be for people who easily fit in with the majority elsewhere. But the benefit is that the friendships we make here are much more satisfying than an insincere hug from some stranger in Texas might be. I've heard us described as the Northwest Mafia, and that's not entirely inaccurate. It's a damn hard time getting into a "family" but once you're in, you're in for life. Granted that if you screw up, that life's pretty damned short, but still. ;)

* )
Oct. 13th, 2011 05:11 pm


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Thanks to being nearly done with A Feast for Crows and watching Cersei Lannister do her worst, I think I've just figured out one of the reasons I tend to have issues communicating/getting along with many other women: I'm not passive-aggressive enough.

Women are often taught that being direct equals being aggressive and confrontational (and unattractively masculine), so instead of bringing up a concern with the person causing it, they go about trying to solve it via stealth and subterfuge. And when they do get into direct conflicts, they default to personal attacks and derailing, instead of dealing with the issue head-on.

Me? I generally don't do that. Occasionally, my directness borders on overly blunt and tactless, but I simply don't believe in bullshitting or talking around something/someone. It's a waste of time, and causes far more problems than it solves. But because people don't expect that from a woman, it ends up seeming far more harsh and confrontational than it would coming from a man. Add in the other issues that brings up, with violating gender roles, etc., and it's not surprising that a lot of women would find me infuriating. I don't play by the rules of engagement they're familiar with, and it throws them off their game.

There's a lot of (legitimate) concern about how men are taught to solve conflicts with violence. This is clearly a bad thing, and should stop. However, there is one advantage to that kind of problem-solving: It's direct, it's quick, and there's never any question about who's on which side. A single punch in the mouth will heal pretty fast. Six months of rumor spreading and other catty social aggression takes far, far longer. If a man doesn't like you or has a problem with you, he tells you. If a woman doesn't like you, you may never know until she's taken you down behind the scenes. She may even be downright friendly with you to your face while she's savaging you socially in other ways. A man will kill you. A woman will kill everything you love. And that? Is horrid.

Fortunately, I'm lucky enough to have found quite a few women friends who don't play that game. I've even had disagreements with some, and yet we're still friends, because we got it out in the open well before it could fester and rot. Problem is that it's so hard to tell on the surface whether a given woman will be like that, or whether she's a backstabbing coward. Which makes me really wary of making new female friends. I have to spend enough time on the periphery of them to be sure that they're not like that before I feel comfortable trusting them.

In some cases, that caution has been misinterpreted as being cold or snobby or selfish. My lack of interest in pursuing instant sisterhood with any woman I meet bothers a lot of them. Then again, the ones who are bothered by it are probably the ones I'd rather not be around anyway. Because if a woman expects me to engage in the initial friendship dance the same way other women do, she's probably going to expect me to do everything else the traditional way, too. And the first conflict we have? When I say what's wrong in so many words? Will earn me the social death penalty from her.

So, yeah. This is probably why I tend to have a lot more male than female friends. Just not interested in the mean girls' art of war. Call me Brienne, I guess. ;)
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So, another year's Geek Mardi Gras* is basically done. Holing back up in the hotel room for the rest of the day and then flying back home tomorrow afternoon.

Even though there were good moments, this year's fest felt markedly different to me on a lot of levels, and I'm actually in kind of a crappy mood. Part of it's physical. The heat/humidity are killing me, and I picked up some sort of digestive bug yesterday (bleh,) but there's also a mental component to it, too.

Like most folks, I dislike crowded, noisy spaces, and big cons like this are quite awful on that count. But I'm also finding that I dislike meatspace and dealing with strangers in general. Even strangers with whom I theoretically have a lot in common, like I would here (or in queer spaces.)

I still enjoy going out sometimes, but only if there's a central purpose for it. Travel, for instance, I do because I want to see new places, and I do occasionally enjoy seeing a first-run movie in a theater, or doing a bit of retail therapy. But for the most part, if I don't have to go out and deal with masses of people I don't know, I'd rather not.

And I most certainly don't want to do so for the purposes of socialization.

I love people. I do. Really. So much so that I prefer actually getting to know them. )

If I had to rely only on meeting people in physical space, I'd never have any friends, and I wouldn't be married, either (M and I met on a BBS, after all.) So why on earth would I want to waste a bunch of time trying to pick out that one person in a crowd of hundreds who might actually like the real me when I can do that kind of filtering in a much shorter amount of time, and from the comfort of my own computer?

This is not to say that I want to conduct friendships or relationships entirely online. I'd much rather have M within poking distance than stuck in his office across town, and anyone who knows me knows I'm a major cuddle slut with the people I love. It's just that when it comes to the initial butt-sniffing dance, I'd much rather do it in a way that lets me instantly sort for affinity, allows for actual conversation, and allows me to get to know a person instead of just a physical body.

Life's too damned short to waste any of it sifting through haystacks to find a few needles. So sue me if I'd rather bust out the metal detector and make that process a hell of a lot quicker and less painful.

*DragonCon. As opposed to SDCC, which is Nerd Prom.
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So, aside from all my navel-gazing blather over the past several weeks, and my short-form updates on FB and Twitter, what's been going on for moi...


Had a lovely, if slightly hot and long, drive around the base of Mt. Rainier yesterday. (Evidence here.) We've never done that drive before--hell, I've never been anywhere near those environs--so it was quite the adventure. Lots of narrow, twisty roads, but definitely gorgeous scenery. It's actually exciting to me how much of it is just pure, unspoiled wilderness: Extremely dense forests, giant, rocky hills, and of course the volcano itself. I feel so amazingly lucky to live in a place where I can drive for a couple of hours and see such majesty in person.

Tons more updates )

Not much time left on my sabbatical, now. After the ATL trip, I'll be contacting my agency again (who already tried to get me a gig recently) and will prolly start doing interviews mid-September. I may also look for something more permanent and maybe a little less... button-monkeyish. I don't mind doing the short contracts--it's nice to have some flexibility with that, and the pay is good--but I really, really want a career-type job soon. I need to have something that uses my brain instead of just doing little more than formatting content. We'll see, I guess. Finding something like that is going to be hard, I suspect.


This does mean I only have a few more weeks to work on my novel, though. I'd hoped to have done more on it, but I just haven't been motivated (long story as to why.) The Rainier trek was part of getting back on track with that, however, and I think I may have a bit of a fire building to get going again. Likely won't get a ton done, but I can at least make some progress, I hope. I'm actually glad for all the fandom writing I've done lately, though. It's helping me kill some bad habits, which will make the eventual end product for my Real Writing that much better.


See? My life's not all Sturm und Drang. Really. ;)
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Naturally, my fickle cranium picked a horrible day to go south on me. I'd been looking forward to the Z-man's baby shower, and then about an hour before we got there, my brain started feeling like it was going to ooze out my sinuses. I only managed an hour at the party--and an anti-social one, at that--before I had to bail. Grrr.

Finally started feeling a bit better a few hours ago, thank goodness, but wish it had happened sooner.

I suppose I'll simply have to go pester Z and his daddies on my own sometime soon. Hrmph.

Hoping I feel more productive this week. I've been behind on my Official Writing Gig stuff lately due to muses living it up somewhere relaxing and fun. Stoopid muses.
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Last night's "that doesn't feel quite right" became this morning's "motherfucking ow."

Fortunately, the urgent care clinic was great (the Valley Med at the Landing--highly recommended; great folks) and I am now downing antibiotics and those fun little pee-dye pills. Damn shame the med tech was such a cute little Russian/Ukranian boy. It's always ten times more embarassing to go in for issues like that when the people you're talking to are hotties.


Gorgeous, gorgeous day. Will probably spend much of it asleep because I only got a few hours last night, thanks to the issue above.


Reminds me that I need to get something figured out for our AC install, though. It's going to start getting warm, soon. We have a whole-house fan that works fairly well, but we don't have much in the way of shade, so the house is likely to heat up quite a lot this summer.


Hooked up with the new vet to find out why Fammy's been barfing on the bed more or less every night for the last couple of weeks. She does that fairly often anyway, but this was consistent enough that we got worried. After an exam and some bloodwork, doc says she's fine, but probably has acid reflux or something like that, and needs to be on a hypoallergenic diet. Which probably is healthier for the other two as well.


Delighted to have had a nice, low-key afternoon BBQ last Sunday with [livejournal.com profile] miss_swamp, [livejournal.com profile] livingdeadpan, [livejournal.com profile] southplains and [livejournal.com profile] mrdorbin and assorted small humans. Need to do that again, preferably when the weather's more like it is today instead of the dreary, relentless grey it was last weekend.


Really wishing my hardcore creative jones this week had translated into my nonfiction obligations instead of the mental masturbation ones, but I'm finally starting to settle into a bit of a rhythm with the being-at-home thing. Realizing that yes, I still have months of non-structured time left, and therefore I don't have to do all of my creative stuff in one go. I can do other things with my life, too. Rilly. Cooking, playing more Rock Band, reading, etc. Still feeling just a little bit antsy, but I suspect I'll calm down soon.


Still enjoying the fandom thing, though, as well as other generic pop culture ventures. Andrew/Primeval fandom is turning out to be full of really nice, mostly sane people. The fic community in particular is mostly populated with smart, mature and open-minded folks. Such a refreshing change. I dare say that I'm writing all this fic now just because I know there are plenty of folks who will enjoy reading it, and who won't faint dead away at some of the... Yeah.

Also tickled that Andrew hisself started up a FB account just for his fans, and has been posting some fun behind-the-scenes pics and such. There have been a few knuckleheaded fantwits over there, but by and large, we've been well behaved so far. There are only a couple hundred of us, though, so that might change if there are more. Kinda glad that Andrew-specific fandom is fairly small, though. Would hate to see him get huge overnight and suffer for it, because he really does seem like a nice guy.

Having a blast following random celebs on Twitter, too. Loving Neil Grayston (Fargo on Eureka) in particular. Funny, awesome guy with a twisted mind.
Mar. 28th, 2010 12:25 am


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Having a splendid time in Van. Did quite a lot of running around today--probably a good 25-30 blocks of various pedestrian roaming in DT. Got to one of my filming locations, with partial success. Hoping for more tomorrow. Got in some good shopping at the Bay. And spent a fabulous evening with the one and only T. Yaye. :):)

Schedule is relatively flexible tomorrow--we just wanna be near home by the time it gets dark. Anyone who wants to hook up for lunch or w'ev, lemme know.
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You know, there are a few interesting points in this piece, but they're completely drowned out by the OMG EVIL TECHNOLOGY!! nonsense, not to mention the reeking hypocrisy. (Seriously: You're going to use a video hosting site and Skype interviewing to try to make a point about how mediated communication is dehumanizing us?)

For the record, there is one truth in the hand-wringing about technology and human interaction: Many of us have less physical contact with other people these days, and that does make a difference. Skin-to-skin contact has major physiological benefits, and it's important for us to get a lot of it. Long-distance contact, regardless of whether that happens through old-fashioned snail-mail letters or more-modern means of communicating with people who aren't in the same room, is not enough on its own.

That aside, it's absolutely preposterous to suggest that people are somehow dehumanizing others merely because we have more-efficient means of communicating than we have before. In fact, I'd argue that the reverse is true.

Geography != Community )

People who are bound to the idea that DNA or zip code is not just enough of a social commonality in itself, but a preferable one have told me that there's something wrong with me because I don't socialize with my relatives and don't really know my neighbors, and yet spend a great deal of time communicating online with people who live across the country or on the other side of the equator or Prime Meridian. Me? I wonder what's wrong with people who are so afraid of interacting with people unlike themselves that they're terrified to venture into online socialization.

Don't get me wrong: I'm a big fan of in-person socialization. Hell, I'm an enormous cuddle slut. And I do lament that time, distance and scheduling make it difficult to go hug the people I love regularly. There are times I wish I could teleport my entire flist into my living room so I can glomph them for real instead of just with words. But there's no way I'd give up the opportunity to have known these people at all just because I was busy trying to make connections with locals with whom I otherwise have nothing in common.
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It just occurred to me that I never bother trying to make friends with muggles (for lack of a better concept.)

Unless I know someone is some variety of non-mainstream (queer, geeky, atheist, pagan, arts nerd, etc. Or some combination thereof.) I just don't even go there. Not that I'm hostile or anything. I just don't try to make closer connections.

I imagine some folks might think this is closed-minded, but to me, it's just efficient. Without at least some level of personal experience of what it's like to live outside of mainstream culture, there's really no way a given person is ever going to understand me and thus be able to connect with me on an emotional level. It saves us both a lot of time, energy and confusion to not try to make that happen. Life's too short to waste it that way.

The unfortunate part about this is that it may mean I miss out on some of the quieter non-muggles--the ones who pass in normal society unless they make a point of being out about it. Still, I think it's been better, on balance, than my previous habit of banging my head against a wall trying to get someone to feel something for me that they're not capable of feeling.

Besides. It helps weed out the people who only want me around as a token--as some way to show that they're cool/hip/liberal because they have a weird friend--and not because they really care about who I am.
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Big congrats to NOLA, the city in which I was married! Bout time they had something great happen.

As to the Other Big Stuff...

I honestly think I was high on baby pheromones for a few hours after we came home. (There is, too such a thing.) Rilly, rilly, rilly want to get our financial situation sorted out quickly so we can go get one of our own.

Also got to meet some nice new folks, and have some lovely chats with good friends, despite the chaos over our little resident celeb.

Tired now, though. Big work day tomorrow, as we're starting a new feature that's going to eat a lot of my bandwidth.
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Sorta playing hooky today. I do actually feel crappy, but I didn't want to creep out my boss by telling him the real reason (nor that a few hours in bed with Advil and a heating pad will likely cure it.)

If If we had more than one car, I'd probably have gone in after my attempts at self-healing, but with M's car still busted up in PDX, that just wasn't an option, so here I am. I'll probably work from home later for a couple of hours anyway (they finally gave me remote access! Yay!)

Looking forward to seeing [livejournal.com profile] mrdorbin and [livejournal.com profile] southplains for dinner tonight, and subjecting them to my culinary experimentation. Muhuhahahah!

Also doing a bit of seasonal hall-decking later this afternoon if I'm up to it. The house still isn't 100% moved-in, and we're a bit exhausted from efforts that direction over the past several weeks, so we aren't planning to do much this year, but I did drag out a couple of the boxes of sparklies and we may do a small tree this weekend if we're not in PDX. Looks like many folks in our neighborhood do go all-out, though, so next year should involve some fun with outdoor lights and such. Not that I'll be doing inflatable snow globes or plastic reindeer or any of that. Eesh.

Think good thoughts for M, who's about to go do an Important Work Thing that will (we hope) change things for the better for him there.
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(AKA: Texty just realized T-day is next week! Ack!)

Thing the first:

Here's my annual call for addresses if you want a card from me this year. Not sure when they'll go out, but it'll be sometime before January. Comments are screened, or you can PM me on Facebook if'n you're there.

Thing the second:

Early Warning System for a NYE party at the new homestead. Would love to see folks if you don't already have plans--especially if we didn't catch you at the housewarming! Official Evite will go out in a couple weeks.

Thing the third:

As mentioned on FB, I'm more-or-less stag all next week while the Mster is in PDX. I'm not planning any big T-day stuff (much as I'd love to use my new kitchen for such things, I'm just going to be way too tired for such elaborations) but I'll otherwise be free evenings for hooking up here and there with orphans or other folks who will be in town and not busy, or just want an escape from the fam or something.

Feel free to drop by anytime--just give me a call before you come so I can put pants on.
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I sort of got some sleep last night. Was perky when I woke up, but have slowly been building a headache all day, so it's apparent I'm not quite caught up from two days of low sleep. Too much to do and too many things occupying my frazzled brain! Focusing on work has been difficult, to say the least, and I'm way behind already on fall TV. Eep!

Uprooting Update )

One other bit of house news: So, know how we're moving in large part to be closer to many of our friends? Well, we're even closer than we'd originally hoped! The lovely [livejournal.com profile] havdrake is moving back in with us! We realized that we were going to have an empty room until we manage to get a kid to put in it, and we all had kind of missed being together (Seriously: Best roomie situation evar), so he's going to be back for at least a while. The DSM III will live again! :)

OMG SO EXCITED! Tired. Terrified of the work ahead of us in the next few weeks. In a fair amount of shock watching very large sums of money evaporate. But still all squirmy-butt with glee like a happy puppy. Yaye. :)
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Had a blast today running all over town with [livejournal.com profile] havdrake looking at all sorts of beautifully ostentatious furniture. We have similar tastes, so it was good to get his feedback on some of the stuff we've been looking at. We're still a few weeks from buying, since we're not even in the house yet, but I think I now have a good idea of what I want when we're ready.

It was also great to see him again since it's been a while. Made me realize how much I miss regularly being around folks I feel so open and comfortable with. Not that I dislike my coworkers or anything, but it's not like I can go glomph them and give them big ol' bear hugs when I'm so moved. Ah, the sad life of an affectionate cuddle slut when many of her cuddle-ees are so far.

Gah, I want to move in now! I feel like showing up to the place in an empty U-Haul and telling the sellers to hurry up and get their crap out of my house.

13 days til we get keys. 13 incredibly long, colossally slow days. *whine*
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Broad FYI to those in question:

We've decided we're going to stay up here at the homestead (thanks for the invite though, [livejournal.com profile] mrdorbin!)

Anyone who's interested is welcome to join. We'll be DVRing the east coast HD feed, which starts at 7, and playing it through starting at 8, which should give us a minimum of commercials to have to sit through.

Ping me if you need directions!
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OK, after this last episode? I am going to NEED to be with more people next Friday to help calm me down after the final two hours of BSG emotional rollercoaster hell.

Who's with me?
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So, if any of y'all local BSG fans don't already have plans for the finale (Mar. 20), I was thinking about having a little shindig up here at the homestead. Big flat screen HD TV and surround sound! Comfy seating with free coating of cat hair! Snackies produced by yours truly!

We also get the early HD feed of this (the 7pm airing) so you wouldn't be stuck here half the night (unless you wanted to be.)

Ping me if y'all are interested and I'll throw together an evite.


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