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Am very post-partum-y right now. Things that have ended for me in the last several weeks, or will be ending soon:

-Any chance of pregnancy (the surgery)
-The big UK invasion
-Current job contract (a week from Thursday)
-Several of my favorite shows: Fringe, Camelot, Game of Thrones, Sanctuary (done), Ideal and Primeval (2 more eps each.) And the Primeval finale will probably be its last, ever, which is seriously depressing.

Plus, though it seems summer has finally arrived here (nice blue skies), it's also Solstice, which means the sun's now on its way out again. Sigh...

In some ways, I'm kind of looking forward to a couple of months without a major occupation of any sort. Gives me time to read, write, cook, park in the back yard, stare at birdies, socialize, traipse off to the coast, etc.

But I also know myself well enough to know I'll be twitchy, and wanting a new Big Thing to get into soon. My summer shows (True Blood, Leverage, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Torchwood) will keep me amused (as will continuing our Criminal Minds DVD run), but none of them are really appointment TV for me, nor do they inspire any delving into fandom. They're passive entertainment, in other words, and not the sort of hands-on stuff that I'd need.

There's the possible adoption, of course, but some of that depends on some money stuff we won't know about until September, so there isn't much we could do with that except for initial paperwork. Also will be shopping the novel around to agents, but that's not a time sink. And we have Dragon*Con and a potential fall Orlando trip, too, but those aren't major projects, either.

Kind of hoping that this lack of a Big Thing doesn't mess with my head, actually. When I'm not Doing! something, I start feeling useless and parasitic, and thus become an insufferable whiner (more than normal!) Might just have to make myself enjoy the sabbatical time, instead of feeling guilty for it. Ooo.
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Just a bit more than a week left before I'm back to the cube grind again, so I've been doing what I can to knock out stuff on my final to-do list.


Chief among these tasks is health stuff, for me and for the kitties. In my case, I had a sorta physical with my GP, doing some followup screening on the big possible kidney issue thang we were looking at last year. I went off of a couple of meds when we were trying to figure that out, and I wanted to go back on them again, so I decided to get another screening. Waiting to hear back on bloodwork, but the doc seems to think I should be fine. Now to just get in to the endocrinologist again.


Got Penny in yesterday for a geriatric screen. Last time she was in (at the old vet), they seemed to think she had a heart problem. This time, however, they said she just has a mild murmur--no need for an ultrasound or anything. Yay! They also said she looks really good for her age (15) and she's a good weight and her teeth (the ones she has left) aren't even in bad shape. Bloodwork all came back good, too. There are two problems: The ongoing dandruff/heavy shedding thing, which they said might be solved with an amino acid treatment and some glucosamine supplements to handle some arthritis, and... she's basically blind. Not just cataracts, which is common with her age, but she apparently has detached lenses. Eep.

This kinda explains a lot, though. If she's having trouble seeing, no wonder she's upset with Otter trying to play with her, and starts yowling at night when she can't see anything at all. Might also explain some of her litter box issues, too. If she can't easily see if she's about to be pounced on, she might feel more comfortable going near the box instead of inside it, so she can dash away more easily. Poor wee thing.

Bummer that she has that issue, but with the rest of her health being basically good for a very old kitteh, she should be with us for at least a couple more years, and I'm very glad about that.


Trying to squeeze out what we can from the last bits of good weather, so we took a couple of blue-sky hours this past weekend to go drive around Pt. Defiance park. Neither of us had ever been there before, so it was a nice little trek. M did some geocaching and I tried to do some birding, but didn't get very far because it was a bit too crowded for them to not go off and hide. We did get stalked by some raccoons, though. Seriously: It was creepy. We were driving along, minding our own business, and every 100 feet or so, there was a new raccoon--or maybe it was the same one!--staring at us as we drove past. Like, actually staring. Making eye contact with me and everything. Creeeeeepy!

Hoping we get at least one more good weekend day soon. This dreariness is starting to get to me already.


Somehow managed to lose my debit card in the last week or so. This is the card I use for just about everything, including most of my regularly scheduled autopays, so losing it is a giant pain in the patoot. Waiting to get the new one soon and then will likely have to spend an afternoon cleaning all that up. Fortunately, we haven't had any evidence that it was actually stolen or anything.


Still have a few more fanworks planned before this is all over, but got a couple more done: A new video and a fun little crossover "episode" thing with Primeval/Eureka/Warehouse 13. And it doesn't even have porn in it. Oooh. ;)

Once I'm done with those, however, I'm going to be back in passive-fan mode for a while. New fall shows are starting up, which is cool, but I don't really feel compelled to be active in those fandoms, so I'll prolly be dialing down the participation in general. At least until the new series of Primeval airs in January.


Also still working on the novel, believe it or not. Lots of research done in the last few months. Yes, the actual writing has been sporadic, but I'm getting the ducks in a row for some of the larger-scale mythology, language, accuracy and setting issues, which matters quite a lot for everything else to work as it should.


Updated Flickr stuff. Still have a backlog to get through, but there are a few more recent pics there.
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To squeeze into the last few weeks of weekday freedom.

Boring to everyone but me )
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~Three more weeks until I'm back on the job. Looks like what's left (aside from the novel) is just diddly little household/personal business projects and some entertainment. Awesome.

The list )
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A little more than two months into my mandatory break, and let's see where I'm at with my to-do list:

Not half bad, though I could stand to do more on the non-fandom stuff )
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Had a much-needed chat with M tonight about brainspace issues and my stupid ADD and my desperate need to go balls-deep into my creative stuff lately (because I spent most of the last two years more or less deprived of opportunities for that.)

Was trying to explain that I don't go to bed when he does (when I don't have to get up early) because late nights are often my most creative and productive time. When Asia's the only continent that's really awake, the world seems quieter, and I feel like I can focus. During the day, there's just too much mental noise and too many interruptions, and I have a miserable time trying to stay on task when that happens.

No matter how creative I feel or how much my muses are working with me, I can't do what I need to do when there's so much chaos around me, and the potential for someone to interrupt me at any moment.

I was also realizing that I often stay up late when I feel like I haven't accomplished much during the day. I feel like I want to go to bed having something to point at to say, "Hey, I did this today" and if that means I stay up until dawn working on something, then that's what I do. No matter how tired I am, I can't sleep unless I feel like I've done something tangible.

Theoretically, this would seem like a perfect recipe to, essentially, work a graveyard shift. Unfortunately, because I'm also so sensitive to getting enough daylight, this tends to screw me up, because I sleep through ~six hours of sun. And it also means I don't have a lot of bandwidth available in the evenings when M's home and wants to interact, because I'm busy catching up on what I missed during the day when everyone else was awake.

I wish I knew an easy solution for this. My meds can only do so much to keep me from getting derailed during the day with the constant buzz of the world, but that's technically the time when I should be working, so I can live like normal people do.

Stupid brain.

Postscript: Real jobs )
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As it's now official that my contract ends Friday, and I won't be getting anything new until after Labor Day, I figured I should write up some sort of to-do list for the next 4 1/2 months.

Not that my time will be terribly structured. Just that these are some of the things I've been itching to do and haven't had time/bandwidth for.

List largely of limited interest )
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I'm very tired and sore, but happy to be home. I'm mostly moved out of the bachelor pad, now. There are just a few more small things and some cleaning left to do, which will be dealt with when we're up there again next Saturday for commencement.

Of course, there's still a half-full U-Haul sitting in my driveway. It'll be emptied tonight, but things will mostly be going directly into the garage, where my car usually sits, as there are several household cleaning/re-arranging things that need to happen before those things go to their proper homes. Two years of being away from home means two years of household projects have been buiding up. I suspect I'm in for a busy (and probably expensive) summer of mucking around the house.

I need the domestic downtime, though. I'd go completely nuts if I didn't have any mental stimulation, so this won't last long, and I'll likely be doing plenty of brain-oriented projects, too, but two years of school means the old noggin needs a bit of a rest for at least a few weeks. Continuing to catch up on my reading, plus daily rounds of mah-jongg and spider solitaire should be enough for it. :)

Other than domestic stuff, reading, playing and socializing (Eeee! People!) I'll probably be working somewhat on the fertility stuff, to see where that goes. Otherwise, I'm just waiting for a good job to come along.

If October rolls around and I'm neither pregnant nor in a perfect job, I'll probably go sign up with some temp agency or something, since we'll definitely need the money by then to start paying off some of the massive credit bills this whole educational adventure has racked up. Fortunately, my degree means that the kinds of temp jobs I can now expect will be far different than the biological office equipment ones I'd done before. No more answering phones, that's for damned sure.
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The desk (and the 18 tons of stuff on/in it) is finally moved! I'm posting this from my spiffy new digs! It took a while to get everything hooked up, since I have three thousand accessories plugged into the Big Silver Penis, and the back of my desk looks like electronic spaghetti, but it's in a better position than it was before. No more having poor [livejournal.com profile] mekle crawl under the desk to change anything.

Still lots to do before everything's truly done, though. Lots of figuring out where to put stuff, lots of sorting through and unloading the "fuck it, I have no idea what I'm doing with this" boxes, lots of filing, shredding and other office-y type stuff. Will post pics when it's all finally settled into place.

I also need to clean up the old room. Gads. I seriously left scars on that room. It's downright scary. There were new lifeforms behind my desk. Something made of cat hair, fingernail clippings, crumbs, paper clips and stray tic-tacs that became sentient. There are still boxes to go through in there (from when we moved the first time. Shut up. I'm a pack rat and a procrastinator with ADD. I consider it an accomplishment if I get dressed every day.) Then I get to move the cat box to the closet in there, move the baker's rack to the hall where the cat box is now, vacuum, scrub and otherwise fumigate the place, and then put up bookshelves and a futon to turn it into the library/guest room, as planned.

Then on to the rest of my summer plans ) I'm also hoping to fit in quite a bit of socializing, too. [livejournal.com profile] mrdorbin's parties have been reminding me that I need to catch up with a lot of people. [livejournal.com profile] mekle and I are already planning an end-of-summer/labor day/his birthday/sending me off to school party somewhere in early September. Details on that when we get closer.

This is all, of course, assuming that my sabbatical isn't subject to jurus interruptus. I report to the courthouse in Everett on the 5th. I hope my naturally opinionated nature gets me out of it. Or, if I do have to do something, it's just quick and easy. Some guy cooking meth in his apartment with a buttload of evidence or something. I dread the idea of getting something really ugly and intense like domestic violence or something gory. I can handle watching that stuff on CSI when I know it's fake, but for real... bleh.

Random: Am I the only one unimpressed by X&Y? It lacks fire.

I'm enjoying the hell out of this sabbatical so far, even though I'm tired. This is the first time I've had so much time off in ages. I'm so glad I ditched the sites. They were fun, but also a lot of work, and I'm just glad to not have to be thinking about it anymore, except on a purely observational level. I didn't realize how much time I really was spending on them until I stopped. I still have some cleanup work to do on them, but it's so nice to not be wondering what I have to do next.


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