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Addresses in the (screened) comments. They're going out this week!
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Will be doing my usual life tally post as well, but figured I'd do this, too. (Gacked from [livejournal.com profile] vandonovan)

1. What did you do in 2010 that you'd never done before?
Took up birdwatching. Ate tomatoes I grew myself. Learned how to edit video. Visited Atlanta.

60 more questions )
Nov. 27th, 2010 02:52 am


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Gearing myself up to do the holiday shopping thing and realized... I actually don't have much of that to do.

Aside from M's family, there are only a small handful of people I should buy for. M and I have decided to buy a couple of bits of furniture in lieu of anything for each other (beyond stocking stuffers and whatnot) and I'm not really in close contact with most of the folks I've bought for in the past.

There are certainly a lot of people I would be happy to buy for, but it might be a little weird if I did because we haven't done that before. I wouldn't want them to feel obligated. Much as the point of the act is to just do something nice for someone you like, there's still that whole cultural tally-keeping thing that makes that weird. I wouldn't want to give something seemingly out of the blue and then have the poor person wonder if they're now supposed to do the same. Meh.

Pity, really, because I do kind of like to do the gift shopping thing. I don't really go for shopping-as-sport normally, but I like seeing something and thinking it'd be perfect for someone I know and nabbing it. Kind of sad to not be doing much of that lately.

I also, however, like baking, and will merrily force cookies even on total strangers, so I'll prolly do that regardless. ;)
Dec. 14th, 2009 11:36 pm


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12+ hours later, I'm finally done with work for the day.

This is in addition to being on-call/working yesterday, too.

Gonna love the overtime pay, but... dang. I have other things to do this week, like buying M a new car (since the insurance check finally arrived), finishing gift shopping, baking, card-writing and sending off all of the above and... Oh, yeah. There's this sleep thing people talk about. Never did get the deal with that.

I enjoy the holiday stuff, but I really, really need some time off. Like... at least 48 hours in a row with absolutely nothing to do but watch movies or sit in my bathtub and read or something. Not forthcoming for a while, however. Social plans for this weekend and I'll probably be working at least part of Christmas weekend. Perhaps the weekend after New Year's Day. That'd be a good time to zone out.

At least I am happily full of the lovely meal that [livejournal.com profile] havdrake cooked for me when I got home. I do so love having him around. :)
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Sorta playing hooky today. I do actually feel crappy, but I didn't want to creep out my boss by telling him the real reason (nor that a few hours in bed with Advil and a heating pad will likely cure it.)

If If we had more than one car, I'd probably have gone in after my attempts at self-healing, but with M's car still busted up in PDX, that just wasn't an option, so here I am. I'll probably work from home later for a couple of hours anyway (they finally gave me remote access! Yay!)

Looking forward to seeing [livejournal.com profile] mrdorbin and [livejournal.com profile] southplains for dinner tonight, and subjecting them to my culinary experimentation. Muhuhahahah!

Also doing a bit of seasonal hall-decking later this afternoon if I'm up to it. The house still isn't 100% moved-in, and we're a bit exhausted from efforts that direction over the past several weeks, so we aren't planning to do much this year, but I did drag out a couple of the boxes of sparklies and we may do a small tree this weekend if we're not in PDX. Looks like many folks in our neighborhood do go all-out, though, so next year should involve some fun with outdoor lights and such. Not that I'll be doing inflatable snow globes or plastic reindeer or any of that. Eesh.

Think good thoughts for M, who's about to go do an Important Work Thing that will (we hope) change things for the better for him there.
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Thanksgiving menu for the stuck-working-today and home-alone-with-headache-this-evening:

1 Everything bagel, split and toasted
2 Eggs, beaten and nuked
1 Sl. cheese

Combine, wrap in paper towel and eat in the car on the way to work (because the home version of one's work software stopped working.) Inhale a sesame seed in the process and have to pull over and cough it out.

(Upon returning home, after the Great and Powerful Mster fixed the software problem):

1 Can green beans, drained
1 Can mushroom soup
Sprinkling of fried onions

Combine in a nukeable container and nuke for four minutes. Enjoy while parked in front of the TV watching the ends of movies (Expiration Date, Happy Feet and Everything is Illuminated) and checking the news wire on the laptop every few minutes.

1 Bowl slightly stale cereal
Milk to fill the bowl

Consume while parked on the downstairs couch, communing with the little old lady kitty and watching CBC News.

After-dinner snack:
Babybels and crackers
Handful of Brach's peppermint nougats
Three Advil

Consume while reading LJ and trying to get the other little old lady kitty off of your desk (where she is currently perched between you and the monitor.)

Serves one. With perhaps a few crumbs for said kitties here and there. Calories/fat: No freaking clue, and don't care.
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Have I mentioned lately how much I love having [livejournal.com profile] havdrake around? It's been great, especially with M in PDX this week. It's just nice to not be rattling around with just the furbabies for company. I may be sleeping alone, which sucks, but I'm not actually alone, which is great.


Working both Thursday and Friday this week, which kinda sucks, but I'm at least getting remote access (I hope) so I can work from home instead of trying to brave the tryptophan drunks on Thursday and the shopping-addled crowds on Friday. I should be able to just set up a mail alert for the newswire and otherwise just bake cookies all day or something, which would be nice.


Am officially sick of all things Twilight. The whiny loser and her stalker boyfriend can go away now, thanks. (Why yes, working in entertainment media occasionally does suck. Sigh...)


Still seem to be fighting off some random crud of some sort. I've had swollen lymph nodes, muscle and joint aches and stiffness, exhaustion, low back pain, night sweats and occasional mild fevers for months, now, and I can't see any reason for it. I was thinking it was just related to stress and the physical demands of moving, but even when I'm supposedly well-rested and haven't done anything physical, I'm still in near-constant pain. Some days are worse than others, and sometimes come with congestion and a mild cough. There's too much other stuff there for this to be perimenopause, so it's not that. Theoretically, swollen glands and fever mean an infection, but I have no idea where or what kind. It's really quite annoying.


Kind of looking forward to doing the holiday thing in the new pad, though it'll be scaled back significantly from where it'll eventually be when we're not just coming off the move and work chaos and such. Already planning out my baking, and trying to decide exactly how much hall-decking I have the gumption for. I love the pretty, but getting it there and back again is kind of a pain.
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(AKA: Texty just realized T-day is next week! Ack!)

Thing the first:

Here's my annual call for addresses if you want a card from me this year. Not sure when they'll go out, but it'll be sometime before January. Comments are screened, or you can PM me on Facebook if'n you're there.

Thing the second:

Early Warning System for a NYE party at the new homestead. Would love to see folks if you don't already have plans--especially if we didn't catch you at the housewarming! Official Evite will go out in a couple weeks.

Thing the third:

As mentioned on FB, I'm more-or-less stag all next week while the Mster is in PDX. I'm not planning any big T-day stuff (much as I'd love to use my new kitchen for such things, I'm just going to be way too tired for such elaborations) but I'll otherwise be free evenings for hooking up here and there with orphans or other folks who will be in town and not busy, or just want an escape from the fam or something.

Feel free to drop by anytime--just give me a call before you come so I can put pants on.
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First, the good:

My parents sent me this gorgeous piece to add to my Willow collection. I love it!

Willow Wash Stand, originally uploaded by TextualDeviance.

And then the bad:

About an hour ago, I heard a crack and a muffled crash from outside. It didn't sound that terrible, so I assumed it was a chunk of snow breaking free from a roof and sliding off.

Sadly, no. )

The good news is that it's supposed to rain tomorrow. RAIN! Beautiful, gorgeous, snow-melting rain!

We're hoping it clears enough that we can get out tomorrow and run some errands and then head down to PDX sometime Saturday. Theoretically, it's not supposed to get below freezing again for the next several days, so we may be safe. Hopehopehope.

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First off, happy upcoming sun return, to those who celebrate. I'll likely be doing my personal Solstice ritual sometime tomorrow.

And I have pictures! Under the cut )

Video to come, if I can get the damned thing to convert properly.

Also, if you have me friended on Flickr, you get some bonus shots of me being slightly pasted. Woot!

I did manage to get the majority of the cards and such out today. There may be one or two still on deck.
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One of the good things about this wild election is that it's bringing all the ignorant bigots, theocrats and jingoists out into the open where we can see them.

The bad thing is that it's bringing all the ignorant bigots, theocrats and jingoists out into the open where we can see them.



Finally have a mostly free weekend to get caught up on the six tons of projects sitting around. I won't be able to make a serious dent in it all until after my contract ends (only one more full week left!) but I'm hoping I can at least clear out ~350 unread emails and go through the stack of snail mail sitting on my desk. I actually have an empty laundry basket, too. Just the one. But it's progress. I may also clean out my fridge and freezer, since there's stuff there that's probably been around since the Pleistocene. Sadly, M's got a bit of a cold, so he won't be able to help much. I just hope I don't get it.

I'll probably also see if I can assmble some sort of costumes for [livejournal.com profile] sapphoid's party next weekend. I have a sort of idea for mine, but I need to figure out something for M, too.


And on that subject, a meme, gacked from [livejournal.com profile] blot

Do an image search for Halloween plus the year you were born

Huge but cute pic )
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IMG_1643, originally uploaded by TextualDeviance.

More here

The kids in the neighborhood are all outside, shrieking with glee.

M got me some lovely things, including one of these, which is beyond cool.

Going to get the pudding on to steam and clean up the debris of wrap and such. Hope y'all are having a lovely day.
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Happy solstice to all y'all who celebrate it. I'll be doing my own yearly thing in a little while. Was considering staying awake long enough to welcome back the light, but am feeling decidedly unwell, so I'm going to pass out early.

Cards are out to many of you, and to those whose addresses I didn't have, have a lovely time with what's left of 2007, and a grand 2008.

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Someone just posted this to the SLGC list and I had to repost. Both hilarious and extremely well-done.

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Want a card/newsletter from yours truly this year? Comment (screened) with your address. I have a few of yours already, but in case you've moved recently or I forgot to write them down last time, please refresh. Danke.

For those interested in sending one my way, I'll have my address in a locked post momentarily.

You may get these around New Year's instead of Christmas, but they'll be on their way eventually this week.
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Reiterating the call for any orphans, stragglers or otherwise plan-less folks to join our table tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, feel free to come up Sunday for a "get rid of the leftovers" grazing feast.

I'll probably be in my new game most of the day while the Giant Turkey Breast of Doom is brining and roasting, but ping me at my usual mail addy or call if you're planning to head up.

And if I don't see you this weekend, there's a chance we may have a low-key mid-December shindig of some sort. Will keep folks posted on that.
Apr. 1st, 2007 12:42 am


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So, we were visited today by a couple of folks from a local Baptist church. On a whim, I decided to invite them in. I usually just turn missionaries away, but there was something about these two--an older woman and her young protegee--that just struck me, and I wanted to actually talk to them.

At first, I just listened to what they had to say about their church. It was the usual stuff--we have services twice Sundays, etc. Then they started in with the "saved" stuff. At that point, I explained to them that, although I was raised generically Christian, I'm not religious anymore, save for a small non-deistic pagan streak.

I could tell they were a bit taken aback. I'm sure they're used to a lot of different kinds of responses, but a pagan atheist probably was at least unusual.

Then the younger one, regaining her composure, changed tacks. She asked me if I was really happy in my life as it is. I had to answer her honestly. I'm not. Comfortable, yes, but not happy most of the time. She asked about my goals in life, and what mattered to me, and what kind of legacy I wanted to leave.

The more we talked, the more I got this weird feeling in the back of my head, like she was understanding parts of me I usually keep hidden--the parts that maybe question some of my rabid feminism, and think that maybe life really would be more fullfilling if I stripped it down--made it simpler and just concentrated on the basics of what women are "supposed" to do. I've been sort of a housewife for a long time, but even as much as I hated having crappy jobs, I hated being domestic more. But somehow, her explanations of everyone and everything in the natural world having its place and purpose--and that I was probably fighting mine, making me unhappy--made sense.

In the hour or so that followed this, we talked more about my life and what I wanted from it, and about God and duty and thinking beyond the physical world.

The net result of all this--and this is a doozy, I know--I'm going to church tomorrow (today, technically.) I guess I just want to see what all the fuss is about. The churchies have always seemed crazy to me, yeah, but they're happy. And I can't really argue with that. So maybe there's something to this God and religion thing, and just being what the world thinks I'm supposed to be, instead of fussing and fighting with it all the time.

Religion makes sense, in a way )
Dec. 31st, 2006 11:43 pm

Hoopty doo

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15 minutes. Of course, being on the West Coast, I'm way behind most of y'all, 'cept them folks in Hawaii and parts of Alaska. One of these days, I'll have to celebrate a new year in Japan or something and then celebrate it again in Hawaii.

Wish I felt better for this. I have only one day of real vacation left. Most of next week will be spent doing the last bits of stuff what needs doing around here and then getting geared up for next term. I've probably spent far too much of my vacation sitting on my ass and playing video games, but it's been a good way to shut my brain off, which is kind of what real vacations are for me. If I'm even thinking about class or work projects, it's not really a vacation.

Will post something deeper tomorrow--all the year-end angst and self-congratulation/ -flagellation, etc. For now, I think I may just put another load of laundry in and go to bed. Christ, I'm such a fuddy duddy these days.
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Happy Christmas to those who celebrate, and to my Jewish friends, I hope your festival last week was lovely. And happy Kwanzaa and Boxing Day and all those other lovely days around the world.

We sort of do the Christmas thing, but it's mostly a cultural habit. We pretty much just stick with the seasonal trappings and otherwise roll our eyes at the flood of heavily religious cards that come in from well-meaning relatives.

My holiday was actually a few days ago. I did my yearly tarot ritual and am happily welcoming the light back. Though I don't really believe in tarot's predictive abilities, the cards' meanings give me a way to think about the passing year and about what I have ahead of me the next year. I'm always too busy when the calendar year turns, so I like having a week or so just to be at peace and think about my place in the world.

It's been such a full year, and such a successful one for me. I hope I can sustain this momentum for at least the next two terms. I think so. Next term should be fairly calm, with the exception of my features class. I already have a topic in mind for my main story, though, so I hope I'll be ahead of the game when the term starts. The prof is the guy I had for my newswriting and reporting classes, and I adore him, so it should go relatively well.

I also added another class to get me up to full time so I can get my scholarship disbursement. I lucked out and got the last slot in a history of jazz class that meets at a very good time between my other two MWF classes. I've been meaning to take a class like that for a while anyway, and it will be a good respite for me from the other stuff.

It may depress me a bit, though, since it's been ages since I've taken a music class, and it'll remind me of what I lost when I dropped out 12 years ago. I really wish I could find a program that didn't have piano proficiency requirements, or that would let me waive them so I can finally get the music degree I should've had. But, since I was never able to convince my profs at PSU that I can't play because my stupid double joints lock up when I try to play chords, I doubt I'll be able to convince anyone else. Musicians are all supposed to be dextrous, right? Meh.

Ah, well. As long as I can find a way to get back to singing eventually, the degree doesn't really matter all that much. It's just frustrating that I spent four years on it, and was only a few classes away from finishing it, but I just couldn't get through those last few classes and the keyboard stuff. I probably could've made it through the theory stuff if I hadn't been sick, but without the keyboard harmony component, I wouldn't have passed anyway. Just not meant to be, I suppose.

Looking forward to a very quiet week, and hope I can see some more folks I've missed.
Nov. 27th, 2006 01:37 pm

Cards meme

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Picking up the seasonal meme going around:

If you'd like to get a holiday card from me, comment (screened) with your snailmail address. I'm usually slow about getting these out, but you'll probably get something by New Year's.


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