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Originally posted by [livejournal.com profile] ourdramaqueen at <i>Hobbit</i> teaser trailer!
Here you go: Apple Trailers - and if you have problems with that link, there's also ComingSoon.net.

ETA: WHy don't I just embed it? :)


ETA1: Using the occasion to tack on the following:

High Rez Hobbit Photo Available

First Lego Box Sets Appear Online
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Went out for a bit this afternoon to go buy her some treats and other miscellaneous stuff, as well as a nice litle proper hidey hole for her (bettter than trying to stuff herself under the couch!)

Came back and got it all set up, and then this happened:

You can imagine how astonished and happy I was. I've been so worried about how skittish and shy she is, and have been patiently working with her for hours over the last few days, trying to get her to understand that she's home and loved, now, and I think it finally paid off. She explored a bit more after that, and also came out and finally met D tonight, too, so things continue to improve.

She still has yet to get to know the other two, much. Penny's locked up in the same room, and they've been investigating each other a bit, but not to great ends so far (not surprising; Penny is a cranky, get off my lawn sort of little old lady.) And Otter we won't be putting in the mix until we're sure Khaleesi is strong and confident enough to deal with the furry little tornado. Still, this is major, major progress, and I couldn't be happier.
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I finished my book.

The one I'm writing, that is.

OK, not totally finished. It needs a crapload of editing to get anywhere near where I want it before I go pinging agents. But the story and rough draft are now complete. About 45k words right now, should be about half again when I'm done with the final edits.

I envy folks who can bang out the 50k-word novels for NaNo. That's just not how I work, though. Attention span, fickle muses, etc. It's taken me three years to get this far, and it's the first real novel-sized thing I've ever finished (more or less.)* So, yeah. Pretty pleased with myself.

It's probably not the Great American Fantasy Novel or anything, but I do think it's a fun little read, and I hope it's good enough to get out there in the world in some professional fashion eventually. We'll see, I guess. :)

*We'll just ignore the fact that my ongoing A/B/C fic universe thusfar has about the same word count. What? My muses are pervy little bastards.
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The new Primeval was awesome--and I got to see it earlier than I thought I would!

And then this happened.

big image behind the cut )
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I made this.

It probably won't get homepage play, but it's the biggest byline I've had there to date (the last one was a short Harry Potter gallery a long time ago; the "fangirl faves" gallery I did last year didn't have my name on it, nor have most of the other things I've written copy for.)

I kind of like that I did the whole thing from the ground up myself: Research and copy writing, pic selection and editing, gallery building, dropping it in the proper page shell, etc. The only thing anyone else did to it was the obligatory copy pass. Otherwise, it's all me.

The editor for this (the guy who runs the Parallel Universe side of things) liked this so much that he wants me to start doing more features for him (which may mean getting a bit of freelance work now and then even after my contract ends.) I think this may also catch some notice from the rest of the editors, and make them reconsider whether my skills are being wasted with just using me as nothing but a button monkey.

I don't know whether this will really be a breakout moment for me or not, but it does feel pretty good to have done it, and to know that at least several hundred thousand people (if not more) will probably read what I've written--with my name attached. Kind of funny to have spun my fanthinging into a career. :)
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1. The first four chapters of my novel are now done, at least in rough draft version (they'll need some copy cleanup, but they're there, now.) In addition to the other chapters I've done here and there, this now makes 8 out of 20 chapters complete. Hellz, yes. \o/

2. This song. Is perfect.

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One year ago today, we signed the lease on the apartment, thus officially kicking off The Great Uprooting Project.

Amazed at the sheer amount of stuff that's happened since then. And also feel ridiculously accomplished.

Starting next week, I get to actually enjoy the fruits of all that labor. My contract for this gig ends on Friday, and I'll have ~4 months to enjoy my house, and my writing and my friends and all the other stuff I've been too busy to do. I'll start looking for another contract in the fall, but for now? It's time to relax.

Yay. :)
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And I love the power of international fandom.

Oh, lawsy, what a thing to wake up to!! *ded*
Apr. 1st, 2010 01:09 pm

Love. It.

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Remember how I said I was worried that this new Muppet revival was going to be somewhat neutered because they're owned by Disney now?

Yeah. Not so much.

That is awesome.
Mar. 28th, 2010 12:25 am


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Having a splendid time in Van. Did quite a lot of running around today--probably a good 25-30 blocks of various pedestrian roaming in DT. Got to one of my filming locations, with partial success. Hoping for more tomorrow. Got in some good shopping at the Bay. And spent a fabulous evening with the one and only T. Yaye. :):)

Schedule is relatively flexible tomorrow--we just wanna be near home by the time it gets dark. Anyone who wants to hook up for lunch or w'ev, lemme know.


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