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Birthdate:May 31
Location:Washington, United States of America
Two-bit bio: I'm a writer/media geek/singer living in the Seattle metro area. I write books and sometimes create and manage online content for various companies.

I'm queer, geeky, cynical, politically active (especially on social issues) and intellectually voracious. I'm also a bossy know-it-all, which often leads me to participate in far more flamewars than is strictly good for my health.

I'm married to the frabjous mekle and we're adoptive parents of a most excellent little Earthling and two feline natural disasters.

This is largely a personal core-dump journal. Read it at your own risk, and please understand that the things posted here may be of a sensitive and profane nature. I filter a lot of posts, and I appreciate folks respecting that. Also note that this tends to be a rant/maudlin-self-pity repository. If one goes solely by this journal, I'm a cranky, whiny mess, but there's far more to me than that. Having vent space here keeps me sane and sensible in the rest of my life. :)

This is merely the most verbose and longest-history presence of mine on the intarweebs. One can find me in many other rest stops on the infobahn:

A Mediated Life is my WordPress blog, which is a semi-pro space wherein I talk about media, pop culture and journalism from an analysis perspective.

Under this same username, you can find me on Twitter, for political, pop culture and stream-of-consciousness babble and Tumblr for the majority of my pop-culture squee.

You can find me on Facebook with my real name.

Should you feel compelled to offer me a job, you can find my CV on LinkedIn. Should you feel compelled to buy me something, I have a wish list on Amazon.
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